2019 Calendar of Public Events

Tuesday, Feb 25, 2020
Tuesday night candlelight flow.
Thursday, Feb 27, 2020
Thursday night candlelight flow.
Friday, Feb 21, 2020
Join us for a 2-hour sound healing during which you lay down in savasana and attune to the music of the sp...

Ganja Glowga & Gongs

Ganja Glowga

Cannabis-Assisted Events
with Medicinal Mindfulness

Ganja Glowga & Gongs

Ganja Glowga & Gongs is a deeply somatic, cannabis-assisted, blacklight, yoga and sound healing experience.

Imbibing Ceremony

We will begin with a short meditation held by the drone of the Tanpura before ceremoniously imbibing cannabis, drawing awareness into each of our chakras, allowing the medicine to intertwine with our energy centers.

Gentle Yin Yoga

After the imbibing ceremony you will be led through a gentle, yin-inspired yoga practice. Yin yoga is primarily a non-standing practice where you spend several minutes in each posture giving you plenty of time to explore how each pose feels in your body. You will be encouraged to explore small, intuitive movements from within each posture to expand your awareness of your somatic experience and deepen your connection to the aliveness you have inside. The cannabis allows you to enter a “more open, expansive, and connected state of bodily awareness. Because of its focus on sensations and embodiment over visual form, Ganja Yoga tends to be a more internalized experience than what many are used to from yoga.” (Dee Dussault; Ganja Yoga)


This yoga flow is done under the illumination of blacklights. This creates a cosmic environment to help remove you from the “everyday” and enter an ethereal space.


After stretching out the body in yoga, there will be an opportunity for another round of imbibing (though you’re welcome to smoke whenever you are called to) before laying down to enter the incredible vibrational space of the sound healing.

Gong Bath

Beginning with a body scan, you will be called to enter into stillness. The space drum and metal bowls will then enter to gently seduce you into a melodic wave of sound, encouraging you to relax even more. Gemstone crystal bowls are then played in such a way as to create binaural beats to entrain your brain in a deeper state of meditation.

The sound healing features the Sun and Saturn Paiste planetary gongs that when played, create sounds that are extraterrestrial! These powerful vibrations will wash over and through you, exfoliating your energy, cleansing your emotional bodies, and carrying you on a wild journey. They will leave you in a relaxed space feeling wonderful for days.


After the gongs, earth instruments will be played to draw awareness back to the physical realm. Snacks will be provided and there will be time for integration.


Ganja Glowga

Ganja Glowga is the same as Ganja Glowga & Gongs but without the sound healing.

As vibrational beings, the sound waves experienced during gong baths are therapeutic. We host monthly sound healing ceremonies to enable you to make gong baths a consistent healing in your self-care. Regular tuning creates harmony in our bodies and lives, enabling us to live with more ease, contentment, balance, and focus.


We host the majority of our  2019 calendar of ceremonies at the Rocky Mountain Miracle Center. This sacred space has been one of our sound sanctuaries for over five years. The acoustics carry  a powerful resonance, encouraging deep healing and transformational journey’s. This is a larger space where we gather as a community to raise our vibrations. We are also hosted at several studios outside of the Denver area and for a variety of events including SunWater Spa (discounted soak for Gong Bath participants) and in partnership with Medicinal Mindfulness.


We also host smaller group ceremonies as well as private sound therapy sessions.