Sound Healing Preparation

Set your space for your gong bath experience.

Sound healing preparations include a myriad of facets that encourage your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies to enter into this sound healing. How you spend the day may influence how quickly you enter into the meditation and how deep you go.

The more you prepare for the sound ceremony, the more profound its potential healing. Being aware of how you spend the day of the ceremony may impact the healing you receive.

Prepare prior to Ceremony

We understand that a tranquil day may not be possible if you have to work the day of a ceremony. If this is the case, we encourage you to drink some Jasmine tea, listen to some calming music, and remember that a ceremony approaches. In these cases, arriving early is especially important to help you transition from work to ceremony.

If possible, plan for a slow-paced day hiking, reading, creating, taking a bath, or participating in activities that nurture a tranquil space. Consider avoiding alcohol on the day of the ceremony.

Other ideas to consider include:

  • Hydrate | Sound Healing | Vinyasa Productions

    Hydrate through the day

    Toxins throughout the body will be broken-up and released during our sound healing. Water will help flush the system, clearing the body of that which was released during the meditation. It will also help the vibrations resonate within you for days following the ceremony.

  • Healthy Foods | Sound Healing | Gong Baths | Vinyasa Productions

    Eat light

    We recommend eating healthy foods lightly throughout the day. Many find our Gong Baths to be the most comfortable and impactful on a light-to-empty stomach as this allows your body to use energy within the ceremony rather than digesting food.

  • Gong Bath Preparations | Meditation | Vinyasa Productions | Denver, CO

    Set Intentions

    If you are working with a specific intention, we invite you to integrate it into your ceremony. Bring it into your awareness early into the day so it is already weaved into your energetic bodies when you arrive.

What to bring to the sound ceremony

Your physical comfort is a top priority as this may set the stage for the type of experience you manifest. Wearing restrictive or loud clothing may be a distraction and inhibit your ability to remain present with your sound healing experience. Please keep in mind that you will be laying down in Savasana for the entire ceremony, approximately 90 minutes. Dress for comfort, warmth, and flexibility.  In addition to what you wear, please consider these other preparation ideas.

  • Meditation | Sound Healing |Vinyasa Productions

    Arrive with Time to Create a Meditative Space

    Please arrive around 15 minutes prior to the start of ceremony. This allows you the time to energetically arrive and to settle into your space. Creating a space of calm prior to the meditation prepares you for a deeper experience.

  • Journal | Sound Healing | Gong Bath | Vinyasa Productions

    Crystals and/or a Journal

    Crystals may amplify your energy. If you work with crystals, consider bringing one with you to support you on your journey.

    Additionally, ideas, visions, thoughts can present themselves to you throughout your journey in a form of Creative Problem Solving. Having a journal to record your experience can be beneficial to help you integrate.

  • Bring Comfortable Items to Lay On

    Having some of pillow and yoga mat, camping mat, or cushion beneath you helps comfort your body throughout the journey. Additionally, many participants have described experiencing a cold, space-like sensation during our Gong Baths, and so some find that a light blanket also enhances their comfort, and subsequently, their journeys.

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