Yoga with Megan Sax

Join yoga with Megan Sax either online or in a studio location.

I have been entwined with yoga since 2001. As my involvement in the practice has deepened and expanded, so has my love and belief in yoga. After exploring the practice for 8 years, I took a leap and signed up for teaching training. I didn’t have the intention to teach at the time; but, was seeking a sacred space in which to delve. The universe, however, presented opportunities and I have been teaching for nearly ten years. It is such an honor to be able to share this with others. I do my best to personalize the class for students, guiding them and helping them to deepen into their own body, mind, energy, breath, practice. I hope to assist in broadening one’s awareness to know what is brought onto the mat, how to work with it while in class, and then how to take that off the mat and into the world. Yoga is an exploration of the self in all our forms, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, individual and universal. My classes are a combination of flow, strength, balance, flexibility and good music to help you connect.

Yoga Schedule

Online Classes


Sometimes we simply cannot make it to a studio. Whether the timing doesn’t work or we need the solitude of a home practice but the support and guidance of a studio class. Megan offers an array of online classes to meet you where you are in your yogic practice.

To register

There are links to the individual classes below. Registering is a 3-part process so please give yourself time to complete the registration. If you have never used Zoom before, please plan for enough time for the program to download (download it here).


Step 1

Register for the event below, please include the name of each person for whom you are registering. Because we won’t have their email, please forward them any necessary information.

By registering for these classes, you will need to accept the Terms & Conditions which includes a Yoga Waiver. Please be extra safe in these classes.


Step 2 

After registering, you will be asked to submit payment to complete this registration. This is based on a sliding scale ($0.00-20.00), so please support how you can.

You will be sent an email with a Zoom link for registration information. Please add to your address book. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam/social/other accounts for the email. Email if you have any issues. I will be checking my email right before class if you have any in-the-moment troubleshooting needs.


Step 3

The Zoom registration will have a short questionnaire to fill out. It includes questions about health concerns and/or injuries, so please fill free to share any concerns with Megan so she can offer support via cues/modifications, etc.



You will be muted upon entry, but are welcome to unmute to chat with other students/Megan prior to class. I do ask that you mute your device during the class, but if you have questions or need Megan for any reason, please feel free to unmute and speak up. I will also check the chat area when I can, so feel free to use that mode of communication as well.



Video is preferred but optional. Turning the video on will allow me to see you and cue accordingly. But I do respect your privacy so if having a video doesn’t resonant, no worries.



You will receive a Spotify link if you would like to play audio on your own speakers for better audio quality.

Wednesday Evenings

7pm – 8:15pm

Intuitive Flow

Wednesday Night Intuitive Yoga
Open Seats

Wednesday Night Intuitive Yoga

Apr 8, 2020 - Apr 8, 2020 7:15pm

Our bodies are sacred vessels that allow us to engage in this physical world. Turn down the external world and have a conversation with your body. Learn...

Friday Mornings

9am – 10:15am

Gentle Awakening Flow

Friday Gentle Flow
Open Seats

Friday Gentle Flow

Apr 3, 2020 - Apr 3, 2050 9:00am

End your week with a gentle morning flow.

Studio Yoga Classes with Megan

Megan teaches two studio classes a week.

Studio classes have been cancelled until further notice. Please consider supporting your yoga practice with an online class. Both studios are offering classes via Zoom online, visit their websites for more information on joining!


Tuesday evening Candlelight Yoga Flow

Endorphin Park Hill

7:15pm – 8:30pm

This candlelight class is designed to burn away excess energy of the day and prepare you for a sweet slumber.

Register through Endorphin MindBody (linked here).



Thursday evening Intuitive Yoga Flow

Rooted Heart Yoga & Wellness

7:00pm – 8:15pm

This intuitive flow encourages you to discover your own nuances while in the various yoga asanas and to allow your breath and body to be your guides.

Register through Rooted Heart Yoga & Wellness website (linked here).