Our Sound Healing Offering


Guided Meditation – Preparation for the sound healing


Marshall and Megan begin their Gong Bath sound healing with the continuous harmonic bourdon of the tamboura as you lie down and are invited to clear away the clutter of the day. You are encouraged to fully arrive and to be present on a physical, mental, and emotional level. As in any meditation, remaining present is a key aspect. This time is the opportunity to put aside distractions and draw fully intoexperiencing the sound healing. After a few minutes, you are guided through a Yoga Nidra during which you are completely relaxed and are encouraged to become systematically and increasingly aware of your inner world by following a set of verbal instructions. The better you are able to create a calm, neutral space for yourself within which to journey, the more beneficial will be the experience.  


Gemstone Crystal Bowls | Sound Healing Gong Bath | Vinyasa Productions | Denver, Colorado


Singing Bowls

During the second phase of the meditation, Marshall uses the subtleties of 17th and 18th century Himalayan singing bowls to create complex multiple harmonic frequencies to stir your vibrations. These bowls are steeped in centuries of ceremonies. He then switches to the gemstone crystal bowls where the influences of the of Ametrine, Amethyst,  Emerald, Obsidian, and Black Tourmaline frequencies are entwined with the vibrations of the bowls. During the singing of the bowls, Megan walks around the room providing a tuning fork healing on an individual level.


Metal Singing Bowls | Sound Healing Gong Bath | Vinyasa Productions | Denver, Colorado


The Gong Bath


The ancient gongs ring in the third phase of the sound healing ceremony. Tuned to the Sun and to Saturn, the power of the gongs is felt throughout the mind and body as the vibrations course through your body. The vast array of sounds is immense and they truly provide a cosmic experience as the frequencies of the planets dance within your corporeal being. The depth of the journey is unique to each practitioner while the waves of sound wash across the bodies in the room and the idea of a Gong “Bath” is experienced. This sound healing may be loud, intense, emotional, relaxing, and any experience along the gamut of humanity. The voyage in the cosmic, dimensional ether is unique to each body.



Grounding back into your body after the sound healing

The fourth and final phase of the journey is that of reconnecting to the body. After a vibrational journey, rattles awaken the body and through shamanic drumming, you are encouraged to ground into this corporeal existence.  The heartbeat is felt, the breath deepens, and the Journeyer is welcomed home. Flute-playing serenades you and chanting is the final grounding element to the sound healing.  The chiming of the tingshas closes the sound healing ceremony.


Rattles & Drums | Sound Healing Gong Bath | Vinyasa Productions | Denver, Colorado

Attendees are encouraged to bring a yoga mat or something comfortable to lay on, blankets, pillows, eye masks, and water. Water is an energy conduit and hydration is a key component of the sound healing.


 You are invited to simply lie down and relax, in preparation of clearing your mind of any unnecessary “chatter,” as the instruments begin to sing.