Sound healing preparation

Sound Healing Preparation

Set your space for your gong bath experience.

Gong Bath Sound Healing Ceremony | Vinyasa Productions | Denver Colorado

Your comfort is the top priority and will set the stage for the type of experience you manifest.

  • Hydrate throughout the day

Toxins throughout the body will be broken-up and released during our sound healing. Water will help flush the system. 

  • Create Intentions

The more you prepare for this meditation, the more you may get out of it.

  • Arrive on a light-to-empty stomach

We recommend eating healthy foods lightly throughout the day. Many find our Gong Baths to be the most comfortable and impactful on a light-to-empty stomach

  • Wear comfortable clothing

You will be laying down in complete stillness (in a savasana position) throughout the experience. We want you to be as comfortable as possible

  • Arrive with time to create a meditative space

Allow yourself some time to settle into your space and center into some calm.

  • A yoga/camping mat to lay on, blankets, pillows

Having some of cushion beneath you helps comfort your body throughout the journey. Additionally, many participants have described experiencing a cold, space-like sensation during our Gong Baths, and so some find that a light blanket also enhances their comfort, and subsequently, their journeyss

  • A journal

Ideas, visions, thoughts can present themselves to you throughout your journey. Having a journal to record your experience can be beneficial to help you integrate.


What to Expect

Experiences manifest in as many ways as there are journeyer’s. That said, they often can be quintessentially categorized.

  • Physical

The strength of the soundwaves and overall vibrational forces generated during our Gong Baths can activate stagnant/tight energies dwelling throughout the body. Some experience an energetic discharge in the form of shaking throughout the body, often times out of the hands and the feet.

  • Emotional

Our emotions are vibrations. The harmonics of the sound healing hold a space for our emotional selves to be expressed and disharmony can tune to the overall harmony of your body.

  • Creative Problem Solving

An experience can take the form of epiphanies where solutions present themselves to you. In these situations, allow yourself to receive the solution, explore for a moment, and then let it go and rejoin the meditation experience. In these cases it is nice to have a journal to write down these thoughts.

  • Visionary

Journeyer’s have recounted psychedelic-like experiences in the form of visions and experiences in the ether.

  • Transpersonal

Tap into the space of universal vibrations and tune to the cosmic song of consciousness.