We have joined with Jaya Healing Arts to offer you a sacred space to retreat from external energies. The flow of life can be at times quick, chaotic, and overwhelming. Our attention is spread thin as we balance the multitude of tasks, relationships, events, work, and all that encompasses our lives. So often what we don’t manage to attend to, is ourselves.


Give yourself a (re)treat. Take a few hours to tune into yourself. Our Sacred Circle holds a space for you to work with intentions on physical and energetic levels. We open each ceremony with a drum circle (bring your drums and rattles if you have them!). The drum, humankind’s first musical tool, is the instrument of the heart and of Mother Earth. It’s beat is a universal language that allows each participant to connect and is incredibly healing for the soul.


The Pranayamic practice not only invigorates the body by drawing oxygen consciously into the body, but enables us to commune with our bodies in a unique way. It is one of the few elements of the ANS with which we can interact: our Prana, Chi, Life-Force. We draw in various breath techniques to encourage a new dialogue between you and your breath. “Breath helps to adjust all the rhythms of our body–not only the familiar circadian rhythms, but the lesser known ultradian rhythms, which monitor the smaller-scale energy cycles that occur throughout the day.” (Source)


Shamans, monks, and humans have been chanting throughout cultures and ages. Words carry their own frequency. Dr. Masaru’s water experiments are examples of the power of our words. As such, when we repeat certain words, or sounds, in a certain pattern, we are intentionally transmitting a certain frequency. What we say matters and can influence the energy we are emitting. We chant to intentionally tune our vibrational patterns.


Our bodies are our vehicles for this journey. They are the temples that contain our consciousness. Since we only have one for this span of time, we honor our tangible selves through a gentle yoga practice. No previous experience is required to join in this mindful flow to stretch and release the physical space.


The adage Out of Sight, Out of Mind can too easily become true. To help you with your continued practice, you will create an herb bag whose resonance will mirror that of your intentions. This bag becomes a tool to bring you back to your intention and help you along your journey.


We vibrate. The planets vibrate. Everything vibrates. This retreat into our selves, within the space of this Sacred Circle, culminates with a Shamanic Gong Bath. Having worked with our vibrational bodies on an individual level, this is the opportunity to release into the cosmic ether and let your intentions dance with the Laws of Attraction.


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