Vernal Equinox Glowga & Gongs


Vernal Equinox Glowga & Gongs

March 24, 2018

7 – 10pm

Join us for a night of attunement as you flow through a blacklight, meditative yoga flow and then are led through a powerful, shamanic sound healing.


Rocky Mountain Miracle Center
1939 S Monroe St, Denver, CO 80210


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Glowga & Gongs

Our Glowga & Gong Ceremonies are a unique blend of movement and stillness. Flow through a meditative blacklight yoga class to release physical stresses and prepare your body for the sound healing. The yoga portion is gentle and meditative with a cosmic soundtrack. It is an all-levels flow designed to provide a physical surrendering while quieting the mind for the meditation.  Release and relax as you surrender into stillness on your mat and are guided through a yoga nidra meditation and into the gong bath. While in this cosmic, healing ether, you have the opportunity to release any stale or damaging burden. The power of the crescendos is where the most amount of release can be experienced as the waves of vibrations wash over and through you, cleansing you of energetic burdens. We will reground you through a variety of earth instruments, inviting you to rejoin your body refreshed, balanced, and free of the unnecessary.