Meditation Magic with Megan

Research is proving the benefits of meditation. From stress reduction, to mental clarity and focus, meditation is a great way to quell the turbulence of the mind waters.


Begin your week with a 30-minute meditation on Monday morning, relax in the middle of the week with an evening hump day meditation, or finish the week out strong and begin the weekend with a Friday morning meditation. Each week we’ll work with a different intention and will integrate sound healing, mudra, mantra, and breathwork into the meditation practice.



If you are interested in meditation for a specific intention and would like to schedule 1:1 meditation sessions or would like to request a specific meditation to be recorded, please email


To register

If you have never used Zoom before, please plan for enough time for the program to download (download it here).

Step 1

Register for the event below, please include the name of each person for whom you are registering. Because we won’t have their email, please forward them any necessary information.


Step 2

After registering, you will be asked to submit payment to complete this registration.

You will be sent an email with Zoom registration information. Please add to your address book. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam/social/other accounts for the email. Email if you have any issues.


Step 3

The Zoom registration will have a short questionnaire to fill out. It includes questions about health concerns and/or injuries, so please fill free to share any concerns with Megan so she can offer support via cues/modifications, etc.



You will be muted upon entry, but are welcome to unmute to chat with other students/Megan prior to class. I do ask that you mute your device during the class, but if you have questions or need Megan for any reason, please feel free to unmute and speak up.

Monday Morning Meditation

Hump Day Evening Meditation

Fri-Yay Morning Meditation