Welcome to sound healing and yogic experiences in Denver, CO
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Sound Healings and Yoga

We offer a variety of ceremonies throughout the year!

  • Sound Healings

    Sound healings offer an opportunity for our bodies to attune to the cosmic song. Heal with vibrations during our Gong Bath ceremonies.

  • Heal through movement

    Oftentimes, our biology is our biography. Join a candlelight yoga class or illuminate during a blacklight Glowga ceremony and converse with your corporeal being.

  • Events

    We host an array of public ceremonies throughout the year. Check out our 2019 event schedule!

In the beginning there was sound. Sound began the whole thing, and in sound resides tremendous power. It opens doorways to other realities, for with the production of sound, energy can move from one system to another.
Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library
– Barbara Marciniak

Take a wandering down the Saxxy path.